Top 5 eCommerce Order Management Solutions to Increase Your Online Sales

eCommerce Order Management

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Also known as OMS, order management is a single point that not only simplifies but also collates all the aspects of an eCommerce business. Therefore, to have a perfectly running business, you must have a fully-functional eCommerce order management system in place.

Irrespective of the size of the organization, it is mandatory for an established company to have appropriate eCommerce solutions in place.

By using a seamless eCommerce development system, you can execute the following things for your business.

  1. Customer issue regarding tracking and resolution
  2. Process orders as placed by customers

iii. Forecasting of sales

  1. Call center management to take care of orders placed over calls
  2. Account keeping
  3. Sales tracking

vii. Budget tracking

viii. Refunds

  1. Invoice generation
  2. Customer service, such as live chat
  3. Inventory management

xii. Marketing

The above-mentioned were some of the most important areas that an order management system can take care of. Because these processes are crucial, they require an automated system to take care of the pipeline. 

Mentioned here are popular eCommerce order management solutions that can simplify your online sales.

  1. Tradegecko


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Tradegecko is a popular order management solution that has an excellent customer base. The system is especially useful for multi-channel sales that can improve online store sales. Order tracking, shipping management, return management, recurring order tracking, inventory management, and backorder management are a few things that are available on this platform. Additionally, the platform offers 24/7 customer support. You also have the option to subscribe to its premium plans.

The free trial of this platform is obtainable, and the paid version costs $39 per month.

  1. Orderhive


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An easy to use inventory tracking and order management solution, Orderhive offers its users a wide range of intuitive features. For starters, the platform can track multi-channel sales, and it also works as a unified business tool that is capable of tracking sales and the checkout of a product. Additionally, Orderhive also offers real-time inventory management and automated tracking system.

This platform has a 15-day free trial period and has monthly plans starting at $100. Some of the features included in this platform are instant alerts/notifications, reorder tracking, warehouse inventory management, inventory optimization, multi-channel management, mobile support, analytics support, and shipment tracking, among other things.

  1. Zoho inventory

Zoho inventory

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Organizations can use the Zoho inventory to scout for complete involuntary solutions to manage all the business processes effectively. Using Zoho, businesses can fulfill and manage all the inventory-related processes and track stocks.

Zoho inventory provides a trial period of 14 days and the monthly price of the application starts at $30. This inventory can help businesses increase sales, perform end to end tracking, manage orders, integrate multiple shipping integrations, perform CRM integration, and manage accounts, among other things. So, to use a completely automated solution, businesses can use the Zoho inventory.

  1. Shipedge

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A highly flexible solution for fulfillment and distribution, Shipedge is an online supply chain platform that can be used for efficient inventory tracking. The platform provides its users with order management and warehouse management automated solutions. 

The monthly price of using this program is $500. With an excellent customer support system, some features included in Shipedge are return tracking, smartphone app, drop shipping, order management system, warehouse management, multi-point fulfillment, billing system, multiple integrations support, and more.

  1. Unleashed


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This cloud-based platform is capable of handling all the inventory related activities. Using Unleased allows businesses to track stock online across multiple locations in real-time.

Unleashed is the perfect platform for businesses that are looking for global solutions. The platform allows organizations to track inventories and warehouses worldwide.

Unleased can be integrated with different eCommerce solutions. Best suited for large-scale businesses, Unleashed can assist in managing customers, sales, production, purchases, suppliers, and more.


A typical online store owner would spend a lot of money on analytics and lead generation. But it is important to understand that eCommerce order management is also of equal importance. A store that offers efficient shipping, delivery, warehouse tracking, payments, refunds, inventory tracking, among other things is quite appealing to the shoppers.

The moment a shopper places an order, eCommerce stores need an automated process that can enhance the customer’s end-user experience. This is the main reason why an order management system is essential for online store.